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We believe that ideas can fundamentally improve the world. The dreams of a few can move the minds of millions. From innovative solutions to changing perceptions. ​

Using technology and design to explore and experience, finding new ways to improve our lives has always been and will most certainly always be in the future, a part of mankind. Some of us tend to be tirelessly curious and to thrive when we conquer challenges to move on to a new level. No matter if that is at home, where we work, park our car, buy our food or any other place in which we live our lives. For all of you, we are devoted to opening up new possibilities and experiences, that for some mean ultimate comfort and for others are life changing. ​

The combination of technology and design is bringing the best out of mankind making life beautiful with improved functionality. We believe that the collaboration with partners such as Alexander Lervik, Färg & Blanche and many more can do just that. Making the world a bit more beautiful everyday.​

 Aritco HomeLift living environment Aritco HomeLift living environment

Our Living Environment

So, what is our living environment? Does this refer only to the space in which we live and call our home, or does it too bring into play our work place and every day life? Here at Aritco, we believe the latter. Next level living refers to the way in which we will live in the future across every part of our daily lives. The question on our mind this year is how will Tech and Design change this?

People today are trying to find a balance between their private life and their work life, says Marco Checchi, founding partner of Studio Stockholm. The good news is that technological innovation will open up a more flexible way of working in the years to come and together with the automation of work and computerisation, this will give us that work-life balance that many of us seek but never quite manage in our daily life. Technology will undoubtedly support us in spending more time with our loved ones by making the ways we work more efficient.

“Traditionally you had your home life and your work life quite separated and you had to go to your workplace to access the technology – you had to have face to face meetings with people, but more and more you can do that through your technology, so the actual environment of an office becomes less important” – Tom Foster, Design Director at London based Studio RHE.


And how does Design come into the everyday life of people and their living environment? Fredrik Färg of the award-winning design duo Färg & Blanche believes that “Design plays a role for everyone”. With his vision, it is the minimalism which we see today as an ever-growing trend, together with tech which drives our living environments more and more. With each new gadget we see in our Smart Homes for example, comes so much complexity on the inside, with a minimalistic, simple setting on the outside.

“Design plays a role for everyone”- Fredrik Färg, Färg & Blanche.


Another example of the role which tech together with design will drastically change our lives in the future is 3D Printing.  This is an industry that is currently growing much faster than previously anticipated and Designers such as Alexander Lervik, who designed the Aritco HomeLift, have been watching this growth closely.

“In the future, I believe that those new technologies we can see with the 3D Printing and lasers and so on will affect the way that people can personalise their homes even more and be able to, for example, print the furniture in their home instead of buying them in a store. But also, for all the small villages around the world, they will be able to have their own huge stores just in a small village if they have a print shop, so they can just download their chair online and print it locally in your own village.” – Alexander Lervik, Award-Winning Swedish Designer.

Lervik believes that we will see a similar effect as we did with the music industry in the late 90’s with the introduction of music downloads and platforms similar to Spotify, which will demand a need for a similar platform for downloading and printing furniture’s on site. Our industry must develop their own type of Spotify so [this] does not happen, says Lervik.


The outcome of this fusion between tech and design is not only on enhancing lives, but too on considering the planet which is a home to all of us. The environmental impact on being able to print your items locally, will be huge. Transportation costs will be drastically reduced, materials will be able to be fully recycled and thus reduce global waste and if we are able to develop solar energy for this type of printing, the 3D industry will be as eco-friendly as possible.

This focus on sustainability is supported by Architect Julen Perez of Waugh Thistleton Architects, who says that this is now a key challenge for all Architects trying to enhance the living environment. Perez believes that Sustainability and Technology play a key role in the comfort of people and how we live. Just look at the design and technology of kitchens, toilets, heating systems… the list goes on in recent years. The world around us is changing and it will be interesting to see how our ideas around tech and design grow and develop with that change.

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