From Factory Floor direct to your 6th Floor…

How & why we custom make the perfect home lift for you


How many steps are there to creating the Aritco HomeLift once you receive the order?

There are 6 steps to the production process of the Aritco HomeLift; Production Planning, Ordering of Parts, Assembly of the lift, Packing, Delivery and finally Installation.

is your favourite part about the creation process?

“For me it’s a pleasant feeling to see the lift becoming a lift… and then, I think it’s very beautiful when you assemble the doors and you actually see how they are going to be,  but then you have the soft part and that is when I see how the guys are working with the lift and how they almost, create it from nothing… it’s like a piece of art for me to see how something is going to be built into this beautiful thing.” – Andreas Skog, Production Manager @ Aritco

How long does it take from time of order to delivery date
(in general)

Approximately 6-8 weeks to produce the home lifts, the main reason being due to outsourcing a few parts with longer delivery time and therefore a minimum production time of 6 weeks. From time of order to installation, you can expect your Aritco HomeLift between 7-8 weeks varying case to case.

How many people are involved in the creation process for the Aritco HomeLift?

Just focusing on the production team involved in assembling the lift, it takes 6-8 of our team to assemble the Aritco HomeLift. This team are also producing the 4000 and 6000 home lift series too.

Are there any challenges you face in the production process and if so, how do you overcome these?

Lift heights are our greatest challenge at the moment. The reason being, from 2 floors to 6 floors the same time is required to produce the lift which is almost mission impossible. Also special orders with glass – the packaging is pretty difficult due to the weight. The palettes that we use are not built for that kind of weight so the palette can crack sometimes! Nevertheless, we are always striving to overcome these obstacles and perfect our production process.

How long does it take to install the lift for 6 floors once delivered

For the Aritco HomeLift, it takes 4-7 days to install, sometimes faster. Pretty incredible if you think about it!

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