Aritco’s history

Our journey started 20 years ago, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere.


Our vision is to make home lifts a natural part of people’s lives. We want to redefine what a modern home is and make home lifts a must have for all people striving for a contemporary way of living.
Our journey started 20 years ago, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere. Today, Aritco lifts can be found in more than 30,000 buildings and private homes around the world.
At Aritco, simplicity, quality and innovation are the hallmarks of everything we do. We constantly seek new ways to improve our products, environmental standards and designs. All the materials used in our lifts are environmentally classified, and unlike many conventional lifts, we don’t use a lot of oil.
All Aritco lifts are developed and produced in Kungsängen, Sweden, and we are proud to maintain the highest level of quality in all stages of the process, from the smallest design details to installation in your home. We follow Europe’s strictest quality and safety standards.
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Everything begins

Petter, Klas, Roine and Claes start Aritco in one of the founders’ living rooms, and are one of the first lift manufacturers to use CAD processes in the creation of blueprints. The first Aritco lift was built by the team by hand in a 30 m2 storage unit in Kungsängen, just outside Stockholm.



Aritco quickly grows to become one of the leading lift manufacturers in the Swedish market with a 20-25% market share. This is also the year that the company starts exports to Norway.



Aritco begins a collaboration with UK-based reseller Gartec. Over the next ten years Aritco experiences year to year growth in line with an ever-increasing demand for lifts, both globally and in the UK.


First home lift

Aritco partners with global company Thyssen, allowing them to sell Aritco lifts. This is also the year that Aritco’s first home lift is developed, under the code name Pluto. This residential lift is optimised to be as small as possible, to fit perfectly when space is limited.


New owners

Aritco’s original founders sell the company to Credelity Capital. Even so, a few of the founders continue to work at Aritco and keep shares in the company.


Keeping focus

Due to the financial crisis and the general economic downturn, Aritco’s sales decrease for the first time in the company’s history. However, Aritco remains focused and emerges stronger post-crisis. Aritco continues on its path towards increased innovation within the lift industry.


Building the organisation

Aritco focuses on building the organisation i.e. improving routines and structures and developing new markets around the globe. Our first local office also opens in Thailand!


Product development

Development of the Aritco HomeLift starts. The insight behind the project is that people are looking for ever-increasing levels of comfort, and not least that design is a key factor when developing furniture and tools for people’s homes.


New offices

Local offices in UK, Germany, Malaysia and China are opened!


Concept store

The world’s first home lift concept store is launched. So if you are in Metzinger, Germany, drop in for a coffee!


The Aritco HomeLift

Launch of the Aritco HomeLift. A lift uniquely designed for your home. We hope you like it as much as we do!

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